CLEAN SWEEP: Local garbage collection team collects and disposes of 100 tons of trash after WVU three-game homestand

The Mountaineer team protected the home field in the three-game homestand, showing great skill and determination in their games. They defended their turf with passion. Meanwhile, the Garbage Collection Teams showed great dedication to keeping the hometown stadium clean.

We love cheering on the Mountaineers but let’s take a second to cheer on the teams that keep the stadium clean. The dedicated workers with Can Do Enterprises, Rich Farms, and the Mountain State Waste Team work tirelessly after every home game to ensure that the Milan Puskar Stadium and parking lots are cleared of trash.

Over the 3 game homestand, over 100 tons of garbage were collected and disposed of!

The University Garbage Collection Contractors, Can Do Enterprises, and Rich Farms, sweep through the inside of the stadium and the tailgate lots to clean up all pieces of litter and debris. Then the Mountain State Waste comes through to collect and dispose.

“At the Pitt game alone, we collected around 60 tons of garbage. I went to dump off at 4:50 a.m. Sunday morning and still had to go back and collect more. I got home at 8 am Sunday morning, I was up for 24 hours,” said Dennis Shulock, route manager at Mountain State Waste.

Shulock along with his crew of 6 Mountain State Waste workers arrive at the stadium around halftime. As fans begin to leave, the team begins to collect trash from the parking lots first then makes their way to collect the blue bins around the stadium. It takes hours to clear the parking lots and stadium to ensure that no trash is left behind. Despite the long hours and physically demanding work, they remain dedicated and take pride in their work.

The Mountain State Waste crew said to give a special thanks to the tailgate fans who are there during the night and offer the crew a hotdog or bottle of water. The gestures of kindness not only boost morale but also serve as a reminder of the close-knit community that forms around these sporting events.

Thank you to the hardworking crews who work to provide a clean and safe environment for the Mountaineers and their fans. The commitment to keeping the facility in top shape is commendable, and the efforts do not go unnoticed.