Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)



Q. How do I properly dispose of needles and other sharps?

A. Details proper disposal can be Downloaded Here »


Q. I have a large item that will not fit in my can. How do I dispose of it?

A. As part of our standard residential service customers are entitled to dispose of up to two oversized or bulky items at no extra charge. Oversized items, items weighing more than 50lbs, and items containing freon must be scheduled in advance. To schedule the removal of our bulky item please contact one of our customer service representatives here.

Q. What do I do if I have extra bags to dispose of?

A. We understand that life happens and there may be times when you generate more than 6 bags of trash in a week. When this happens, please contact our customer service team prior to your pickup, whether you have one additional bag because the in-laws were in town for the weekend or if you need a solution for spring cleaning our team will have a solution for you.

Q. I am doing some remodeling at home. How can I get rid of my remodeling construction debris?

A. Construction debris is not included in the standard residential rate. However, Mountain State Waste has many quick and affordable solutions for you to dispose of your construction waste. From one-time special pickups to large roll-off bins we have you covered. Please contact our customer service team to see what solution is right for you.


Q. Where do I place the decal?

A. Some examples of places to place the decal are: Mailbox Post, Garbage Bin or Can, Fence Post, House Post, or some other structure that is in close proximity of where your trash sits and is visible to our crews.


Q. What if I don’t have a place to put the decal?

A. While we expect that the above mentioned suggestions will take care of 99% of our customer we do recognize that there may be a few people that have a difficult time finding a place to put the decal. In these rare circumstances we would suggest one of two solutions: 1. Start placing your trash bags in a can and place the decal on the trash can or 2. Place your decal on a small wooden or metal plaque and stake the plaque next to where you sit your trash.


Q. Do I have to use the decal? What if I refuse?

A. Yes, all MSW residential customers will be required to use the decals. If the decal is not present at your address we may interrupt your service until such time it is.


Q. Is this a permanent change to our service?

A. Our goal is to make this a temporary solution to our problem. Our preferred method to identify our customers would be by service address. However, we need your help to make this happen. We need all of our customers to provide us with an accurate service address and have that service address posted in a conspicuous place near their residence.

Included with the decal that will be mailed in March, will be a form that you can fill out and return to MSW to update your contact information that we have on file.

****We are actively looking into other solutions so that we may discontinue the use of the pink and green stickers. We understand they are an inconvenience and hope to have a better solution for you by the end of this year.


Q. I’m signing up for Online Bill Pay. Where can I find my Customer Number and Access Code?

A. Both of these items can be found at the top of your MSW statement. See the image below. 


Q. The Customer Number I’m entering in the Online Bill Pay Sign-Up isn’t working. Why not?

A. Be sure to enter your account number as shown. If needed, get access to sign into your account by contacting us for a portal link. Call us at 866-679-2776

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