The Mountain State Waste team wishes you a day filled with love, laughter, and a table overflowing with deliciousness! 🍽️Now, let’s talk leftovers! What’s your leftover secrets? Maybe family and friends take home a plate, or you make yummy turkey sandwiches the next day. If you are looking for ways to repurpose your Thanksgiving leftovers here’s how you can make a difference and nourish the planet this Thanksgiving!

According to research, Americans normally trash ⅓ of the food we produce, but we also ramp up our quantity of food waste threefold between Turkey Day and New Year’s. If you are looking to feed the environment this holiday season, here are a few ways you can compost/recycle. Composting helps keep recyclable materials out of our landfills and can provide nutrient-rich soil for gardens and yards. But what can be composted… and what should be thrown in the trash or recycled?

Turkey, Ham and Other Meats While delicious, these entrees do not belong in backyard composting bins. They are best repurposed into soups or stocks. 

Fruits and vegetable scraps are perfect for composting including peelings, rinds etc are even great for composting. 

Potatoes and Yams Done with your leftover potatoes and their peels? Whether mashed or fried, bury these in your pile for composting.

Paper Shred damp paper towels or used paper plates and toss them in your composting bin, and they’ll break down.

Food Packaging, Plastic Bottles and Cans – Anything that comes in a plain cardboard box? Uncoated cardboard is compostable, especially greasy boxes. And most recycling services accept cardboard and paper packaging items that don’t contain food residues. Rinse out your cans and bottles to recycle them as well! 

At Mountain State Waste we also single-stream recycling. Single stream recycling comprises of collecting cardboard, paper, aluminum, and plastic all together and then sorting the recyclable waste at our facilities.  If you would like more information on if single-stream recycling is available in your area give us a call at 866-679-2776.

We also have our Greene County Transfer Station Recycling Drop off.  Mountain State Waste offers recycling bins at our Mount Morris, PA facility.  You are welcome to bring any paper, cardboard, #1 and #2 plastic, and aluminum cans to our facility for recycling.  There is no charge for this service.  

Enjoy your Thanksgiving and use these helpful tips to feed the community’s environment a Thanksgiving feast by repurposing leftover food, then composting and recycling as much as you can.