This coming week is “National Garbage Man/Woman Day!” This is a week dedicated to showing appreciation for all the long hours and physically demanding work a sanitation worker endures to keep our communities clean. Being a garbage man/woman is physically and mentally demanding. An average day for them starts as early as 3AM. Their day involves collecting tons and tons of garbage from residential homes, businesses and commercial sites. They do this regardless of rain, hail, heat or snow.  At Mountain State Waste, our employees work hard to make sure that every customer gets friendly, dependable service. And we are so proud of them for all they do!
If you would wish to show appreciation for your garbage collector, here are a few ideas to express your gratitude:
Thank your trash collectors with a gift card, thank you note, a cold bottle of water on a hot day or even an in-person “thank you.” A simple gesture like a wave will make the day for your garbage man/woman better!
 We would also encourage you to leave a nice comment or story about your MSW garbage man/woman on our Facebook page!
 And remember, even though there is only one day dedicated to Garbage Man, we can still show appreciation every day by doing simple things:
  •  If you must pass a garbage truck on the road, do so carefully. Please respect they are doing their jobs and doing so with the consideration of public safety. Return the favor and be courteous to the men and women collecting the garbage in your community
  • Don’t overload trash cans/bags or dumpsters. Many of our residential stops are hand pickup, be courteous of how full your bags are so they don’t rip and leave a mess! And even though a mechanical arm may dump the dumpsters, workers may still need to position it. An overfilled dumpster filled can cause injuries to your waste collector.
  • Maintain a safe, clean area where your garbage bins are. For instance, keep the area clear of high grass and watch where you park on trash day. A little extra courtesy of a clean and clear area ensures the safety of your garbage man as well as saves a lot of time and effort.